Water-Tite Roofing & Construction

The Proccess

Initial Inspection

Our office will set a time with you for one of our experts to inspect your roof and determine whether you are needing repairs or a full roof replacement. It is our job to determine if your roof is eligible to be covered with an insurance claim, and any cosmetic repairs needed due to damages on the roof.

Insurance Made Easy

Insurance companies take days to call back and will attempt to save as much money as possible. We handle everything from the initial adjusters inspection to follow-up phone calls; we want to ensure your back is covered and leave you stress free. The only cost to you is your deductible, and we have payment plan options in hope to fit your needs.


If it is a repair on or around your home we have the resources to to provide quality service for all of your needs. We can repair any sheetrock cracks, ceiling stains, cracked mortar, painting needs, and much more. We’ve insured we can provide the most common services so you only have to work with our office to get your needs taken care of.